Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Favorite Things

I probably shouldn't be trying to post 30 days in a row the same 30 days I've given up alcohol. This has the potential to get very unoffensive very fast. Here goes day 2. By the way, I'm capping off the month of prohibition with a trip to Vegas. Time to make some headway on the girl's college fund.

Bananas heard this song once at the library. She has sung the first and last verses to me roughly 83,000 time since then. The entire drive to work today was all about "bright copper kettles"! She likes to (try to) shove the dog when she gets to the "when the dog bites!" line. Fortunately the dog outweighs her 3 to 1 and doesn't care.

Its gotten bad enough that I am actively trying to teach her the rest of a song I don't like so I at least don't have to hear the same parts over and over.

Still, better than her shouting "John Jacob Jinglheimer Schmitz" at the top of her lungs on continuous repeat. To truly appreciate that one you need it song by a three year old on repeat for an entire drive as well. The first time that happened I came home and looked up the lyrics convinced she had only memorized two lines of an entire song to torture me with. But no. The entire song is only two lines and is meant to repeated over and over and over...Maybe I'll petition the NEA for a grant to produce a 40 hour youtube version.

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  1. This looks just like my desk.
    Drynuary? Am I the only one clinging to the last but most important vice/ refuge? Who in this room has accomplished a resolution in their lifetime? I started drinking at 9 AM today and it may not have been soon enough. Put parents + 3 sibs with grudges, 6 nieces/ nephews, one with projectile vomiting in a house without wifi in Orlando, bad weather and overcrowded overpriced Disney theme parks during the holidays and mix. Happy New Year!