Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week one round up

I Think some of you are worried that I fell off. That I just sit around listening to vapid pop music and drinking gingerale, when I used to sit around listening to ignorant southern rap and plotting to snatch chains off of people's necks. So here's a song I listened to a lot this past year:

Stay Trill in 2014. That's my mission statement!

Now an update on Drynuary 

Alcohol Consumed (units): 0
Days Without Booze: 7
Disposition: Harried
Irritability: 3
Outlook: Gone too far to turn back
Shakes: I think I had the equivalent of like 8 coffees on Saturday, all before noon. That was shakey.
Smugness (scale of 1-10): 2. Hard to be smug about this and my hard earned tolerance for alcohol at the same time.
Sleeping: Going to bed a lot earlier. Most nights I'm sleeping better, not up as much, but then sometimes I just sit there for a couple hours like "now what?". That might have something to do with the coffee.
Substitute Activities: Knife sharpening. Posting here. Home made ginger ale. Rodgers and Hammerstein.

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