Sunday, January 5, 2014

Year in Review and in Forecast

2013 BRS Highlights:

Jan - 3 Ferries Ride. Adoption of Raoul.
Feb - 2013 DC - Sequim. Insemination of Theoretical Bike.
Mar - Dizzy Days. Ennui does the Yurt. HTTM 2 - Orcas Island.

Apr - Dyno and Ocean run-a-Muk-Ev.
May - Bike-camp South Whidbey Island. With families.
Jun - 2013 EO. Pigtails 150. Gerald does Australia (Sri Chinmoy). Dyno's 1st solo Bike-Camping.

Jul - VT 100. Dyno and Ocean do Maine.
Aug - Ocean and Ennui do tennis.
Sep - BRSCI Xiii - Hood Canal. Ocean does Dido. Gerald loses claw. Ocean and Gerald do Spokane.

Oct - Gerald, Papa V, Ocean do Wilsonville.
Nov - 2013 TdM. 2013 NMN. Gerald does Quadzilla x 4yrs. Ocean and Dyno do Bend.
Dec - Ocean does 24 months of Whidbey Island grapefruit.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm only including what has been posted.

2014 I forecast even more fun.

Since Papa V has been sharing a few of his favorite things, I'm going to share a few of my newly discovered gems so far this 2014. Here's what a few days alone at the yurt have gotten me:

E's Channel - Buying for Billionaires.
A&E's Channel - Rodeo Girls.
Pocky's Chocolate Almond Crush (see pic above)

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