Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 DC Awards

Best DJ - Pre-PT Test music and finder of classic rock station = Omaha
Strongest Soldier - Only one to pass the PT Test = Gerald
Lowest Blood Pressure = Gerald + Hot Tub
Strongest Drinker = Papa Ventoux
I Shouldn't Be Alive Honor = (tie) Henni & Keith cats.
Most Valuable Animal = Beached Beaver
Hippie Award - Freeballin' in Hottub = Papa Ventoux
Jacques Pepin Award = All
Best Driver = Ocean
Neglected MRE = Tuna
Mr. Clean = Papa Ventoux
Road March Tourettes Syndrome = Omaha
It's Not the DC Unless Someone Pukes Recipient = Dyno-M
Hall of Fame Weather = Manzanita Climate
Bob Ross Award = Gerald
Abusive Spouse Syndrome = All (Unable to ditch Scene-It Movie Trivia)
Worst (best? because it worked) excuse to avoid Road March - Ouch, it's my back = Papa Ventoux
Best Route to Manzanita = Hwy 101
Gas-o-rama - Next time avoid the local menu selection at Willapa Bay DQ = Dyno-M
All-America Honor housing location = Courtyard A "upper"
Most Profound Statement = Ocean "but milk comes from chickens"

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Congratulations to Dyno-M for winning the 2014 Davis Challenge!

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