Sunday, February 23, 2014

D.C. 2014 in pictures (Back to Manzanita, yeah!)

It felt like coming home. Ocean, Dyno, Omaha and I carpooled Friday afternoon, luckily Fort Lewis traffic was not as bad as anticipated, and lucky for us Ventoux arrived early and had hot tub warmed up and the Marzano's pizza ready for our arrival.

Our usual house was already booked, but this one was downtown, just across the street from the grocery, which allowed us bypass the hill for our 2 mile run in the PT test. Ocean Rd was literally a couple blocks away.
I wish I had a camera that could capture how crazy close the stars looked from the beach at night.

All you need is pushups and sit-ups to make you make you vow to be a better person (next year). Then it's more beer and MREs to calorie load for the road march. 38 lbs is significantly heavier than 26 lbs. But you couldn't ask for a more perfect day: clear, sunny, hard-packed sand, cool breeze.

4.5 miles to the turnaround, where Dyno marks the sand with a drawing and the seawall with beer by-products.
We shuffle/ jog the 2nd half to a neg split, every step getting us closer to beer. We pass several beachcombers who ask in reverential tones, "did you see the beaver?".

Got back to sparkling clean house where Ventoux has already done the prep for our (by that I mean his) shrimp n grits w bacon.
 There was also meatloaf sandwiches with cranberry sauce and pickles,
grilled beef tenderloin and homemade spaetzle. We all agree to a 3 way tie because all the food is so awesome.
Drunken darts (hope they attribute the extra holes in the wall to woodpeckers) couldn't be done soon enough. After dinner, the obligatory movie trivia which is usually won by the person who knows the most Steve Martin movies, and rock painting.

Next morning, coffee
and a short walk to the beach at the buttcrack of dawn,
where we saw a rainbow. Apparently magenta is not a rainbow color? We pack up and head home, but always time to stop for a scenic view.

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