Monday, June 9, 2014

So very cute

You can't tell in this picture, but the light on the far right actually has a miniature picture of a bike. Today I biked from the new yurt to a burger joint off Broadway. For some reason, I found the new bike signal lights so very cute. Ha, miniature bike lights!

So, the new yurt is now functional. Not far from the old yurt. It's got a pretty good vibe to it I'd say. Looking forward to some food clubs and mid-weeks there. Speaking of mid-weeks, thinking about heading to Burt's in Eugene for a mid-week tomorrow. 24 hrs of Eugene fun. Well, let's see if it happens, I'm on the fence right now. 

Wrapped up a visit with Lt. Dan in Mukilteo last week. Probably the best visit yet minus two losses and one tie to Lt. Dan in tennis. 

New chapters in life. Exciting and scary. Oh well, that's the nature of life.

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