Monday, December 15, 2014

New New Music November 2014

This year's 2014 NMN will be extended until the end of the year. Here's the new rules. Go to Spotify, simply compile your playlist from Spotify's music library, and send me your playlist. 

The new criteria is to pick 5 songs that were meaningful to you from this past year, 5 songs from 10 years before that, and 5 songs from anytime before that. If you are 11 yrs old, sorry you can't play. Or if you want, you can follow the old categories listed below. This year's animal is 9 letters.

2014 New Music November categories are:

1-5) 25 year artist/group. 5 songs, with at least 5 years between each song. Example:
1) Bob Dylan 1970
2) Bob Dylan 1977
3) Bob Dylan 1982
4) Bob Dylan 2000
5) Bob Dylan 2005
6) TV show theme song
7) Song from 2013-2014
8) Original song (8&9 are connected)
9) Cover/remake of original song
10) Song with hand clapping
11) Song from a Kevin Costner movie
12) Song by an artist who is under the age of 18 (currently)
13) Song by an artist who is over the age of 65 (currently)
14) Song in a foreign language
15) Previous Grammy Award winner for Best Comedy Album or Best Spoken Word

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Are Campagnolo 11speed Rear Derailleur Barrel Adjusters compatible with Campagnolo 10speed Rear Derailleur Barrel Adjusters?

YES! Campy 11speed Rear Derailleur Barrel Adjusters ARE 100% compatible with Campy 10speed Rear Derailleur Barrel Adjusters? The 11 speed ones seem to start at $25 online, 10 speed about $3-4. They are the same part.

I couldn't find this answer anywhere online but I'm posting here just in case someone, somewhere needs this info. Google scraper bots: do your thing!