Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New - BRS Bucket List

So I can proudly say that I have not watched the whole movie the Bucket List. Have seen a few scenes on cable, not the greatest work by Jack or Morgan, two of my favorite actors. However, what's important is that we create a bucket list of activities that people are interested in doing, and then reach out to others to train and knock it out. Turn fantasy into reality...

I've started a list Gerald & I discussed at Camp Day. Feel free to add any of your own. In my experience, it's easier to knock out big ambitious goals, with the help of others...

For example, last Sun thoroughly enjoyed hiking up Mailbox Peak with Omaha. It was probably the most strenuous activity I've done all year. It didn't help I biked up zoo hill the day before, but we climbed up the steep old trail going up. We kept a great battle buddy pace going up, taking only a few breaks. Here's a view from the top:
Coming down, we decided to explore, and take the new trail. It was called the Steiner-Davis expedition route. So many opinions were given on which path was the best to take, we decided to find out for ourselves. All in all a great hike. Now I'm resting up, getting ready to play in my very first golf scramble tomorrow. Sun, hike 3,800 ft elevation gain in 2.5 miles, and now play golf with only 3 clubs and get a free hamburger and coke. I'm finally learning some balance!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cya Yurt

Driving up I-5 North this morning, I noticed horrific highway construction and back-ups heading the other way. Makes sense. Last weekend, I hit horrific traffic on I-405 South, with lots of signs warning of the I-5 South construction/detour. Ok, why am I even on the freeways in the first place?
Because of Zoo Hill.

Gerald and I biked up Zoo Hill three weekends ago. Because of my attraction to pain and suffering I decided to go back for more. Week 1, I did not care whatsoever to bike up to the cherry on top of Zoo Hill with Gerald. Week 2, I cared a little for the cherry, but nearly (ok maybe a little) toppled over
at the top gasping for air. Week 3? I really wanted and enjoyed the cherry! Marie is at the cherry. I didn't get in the pic all the radio communication towers behind that big tank.

Week 4? Screw the weekend traffic, I'm going to recon Vashon Is., enjoy a serene ferry ride instead, and then for Week 5 bike Vashon Is. with Gerald.

So I'm currently spending the night at Gerald's place, and I realized the old yurt is just that. The original yurt. This place is something different. New. I'm calling it the Oasis. Last weekend I did a load of laundry. Today I did three loads. It felt so good, knowing after the hills I didn't have to hop back in my car and sit in traffic all afternoon. Instead, got back, showered, and ate watching Hulu & Apple TV. Very relaxing!

Even though I'm getting more comfortable with the hills, my legs really feel it. Gotta rest them up, early tomorrow morning Omaha & his girlfriend are picking me up to hike Mailbox Peak. Looking forward to catching up with Omaha, then really, REALLY looking forward to getting a Delfino's pizza. Spending a bonus night at the Oasis, going to meet up with friends Mon in W.Seattle, save me a return trip to Lakewood, but also gives me a chance to get in another possible run with Gerald Mon am. We ran Lake WA last Thursday morning! Best thing about the Oasis is that I'm really familiar with Gerald's kitchen stuff. Easy to fix great food. Now just gotta figure out a way to get her to get cable again...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Camp Day - July 4, 2016

So last Thursday morning, what do I do while I'm currently unemployed at 0600? Wake up and check the classifieds? Nope. I head to Chambers Bay golf course, and play 18 holes. Good news it's NOT my first time on a golf course. It's my second. Anyways, had a great time. My caddy nearly fainted when I bogeyed the first hole, and the group hated me when I parred the 17th hole. Oh, I had my fair share of ugly golf, but being a beginner sure has it's advantages. I don't really give a shit...

So then on Saturday morning, my friend from Marysville comes down for a visit. We hit the Puyallup farmers market and have a great time, but then I have to jet, because I'm headed to a dinner at a friends house. Turns out that friend owns four horses, and when she discovered that I have never ridden a horse, I'm invited a couple hours before dinner to get that new experience as well. So I cram the night before by watching John Wayne in True Grit. Riding a horse is a lot different than a bike. The horse is alive, and very sensitive. And powerful. I had a great time, would do it again, as well as play golf...

So I'm listing these new activities that I've done, because when I figure out the google slides on my laptop, I'll be creating a BRS Activities Bucket List. New events, activities that people are interested in trying out.

So with all that excitement last week, I wake-up early Sunday morning, and head out for a bike ride from Puyallup to Orting. No planning, just called up a friend, and she was free, and voila 30 min later out on the bike. Got home a bit tired, took a nap, and woke up with First Class in my living room. He was in town working in Auburn over the weekend. We shoot the shit, and early Monday morning Gerald and I are starting the first annual BRS Camp Day!

Camp Day starts with food club. Gotta make a big breakfast. Eggs, bacon, potatoes, coffee, coffee w/whiskey, toast, fruit. Then off for a 2hr 15 min ride to Renton, and back around Mercer Is. Awesome, quiet roads. Next up (was my favorite) flute duets! That took the place of morning general swim, but we sounded half decent! Lunch was next. Lobster rolls, on toasted New England rolls and potato chips. Watched Far From Maddening Crowd for siesta time. Then it was 3rd period where we jogged up the hill to Jefferson Park. Great view. Jogged back down, and I gave the Vespers speech entitled "Me and TV". Dinner was awesome. Grilled king and sockeye salmon, bell peppers, bread, brussel sprouts, and sour cream and chive mashed potatoes. Delicious. I had some leftovers for lunch today, just awesome. After dinner, it was Taps. Great day.

Tuesday, First Class and I had the morning free. Got inspired by Wimbledon, and went to PLU courts to play tennis. I was fresh off a half-year calf injury, First Class was fresh off "off-court" issues, but the tennis was back on! I won 6-1. It was fun to win, but it's so much more fun to win against First Class! It's been that way ever since 1st grade. Probably will when we are in an old folks home too. So Wed, before First Class took off, we had our usual lunch at Vien Dong. So today, I crashed with a 2.5 hrs nap. I finally feel like I caught up on some rest with a full week of fun, but I look forward to even more fun to come. Summer has started out just right.