Monday, September 19, 2016

Summer's End (and Bill Gates)

So I already blogged the start of my Summer of 2016. July 4th weekend, with Camp Day. Since then, I had a pretty full season, packed with lots of fun. I biked the Green River Trail with Omaha & his girly-friend. Last week, I connected the Puyallup River Trail, to the Sumner-Link Trail, to the S. Interurban Trail. (I'm planning a route from Lakewood to Gerald's Oasis). Added in a few more Zoo Hill rides, Vashon Is. rides, and several rides in Tacoma. The pic below is the finish line after a Labor Day weekend ride on Vashon Is. with Gerald. Thai food. 

So what do normal folks do on Labor Day? BBQ and watch college football. So what do BRS folks do on Labor Day? Wake-up early and bike up zoo hill. Here's a pic from the "cherry on top". Then, after biking, they go and play tennis. (the tennis was actually a lot of fun).

Here's the finish line after zoo hill and tennis. Finally the god damn bbq! Grilled everything. Bill Gates didn't have a better Labor Day lunch. I was calling it Thanksgiving in September. 

But I've got to say, my favorite rides this summer have been my short, weekly local rides. These range from 20min to 1hr. I've biked to Safeway for chocolate cake. To Tacoma for discounted Almond Roca. PLU to listen to the summer night jazz concerts and to play tennis. Wapato Lake and Puyallup to meet up with friends. 15 min rides to get tacos. The local HS track, to jog. Tacoma to just take in the waterfront. Below is Thea's Park.
 Pic of Mt. Rainier. Turn 180 degrees, then it's the waterfront.
So I've definitely started building up my biking legs again, slowly but surely. I've also started building up my cooking skills. Here is my very first pie. So what am I getting at? I'm hinting that sometime this Winter, February or March, dust off your backpacks and frying pans, and Army PT clothes, there's probably going to be a Davis Challenge 2017. (I'm not sure I did an actual sit-up in 2016? No, I'm not joking).
I will be closing out the summer with a trail run with Gerald. Also looking forward to the finish line meal. Then I will be kicking off Fall with another Vashon Is. ride with Gerald, and competitive tennis with First Class who will be in town for work. (Also, stay tuned, I've got the NMN categories narrowed down). Hope we all can meet-up and cook up a finish line dinner. If not, there's always Delfino's! Below is a pic of a bike ride out past Orting. We just stopped and picnicked on the Carbon river. Lots of guys pulling out huge salmon. My friend just jumped in the river and swam. I just enjoyed the finish line food. Bill Gates didn't have a better Saturday afternoon than me.

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