Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ocean is ready for a name change. He swam with the aquatic creatures of Tacoma, dried himself off, wiped the sand out of his crotch and planted his feet on the land. Who knows he might even take to the air at some point.

What I do know is that he gave me the honor of figuring out his new name. This is pretty cool because Brian asking me for a favor is rare. He's smart like that!

We've know each other for a while... basically a lifetime through thick-and-thin.. shits and giggles... van halen roth to van halen hagar and back to Roth.

It's weird to think about the times at his parent's house because I can still hear Styx's Come Sail Away blasting through the portable tape player while we played one-on-one basketball. Brian seemed to always win and I seemed to always curse him out.

And then we ate and laughed some more

The Davis house was the homebase: the epoxy, Elmers glue.

So how about Homebase for the name

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  1. Elmer I get it. Just reread your Costco hotdog post, it inspired me to have one for breakfast today. You're a poet.