Sunday, May 21, 2017

Capital City Half Marathon

So my picture order is totally out of whack, but right now I'm too hungry to care. There's also an NBA playoff game on now. But pic #1 says, I love Olympia. So far, I agree.
Pic #2 has a banner for the CC Marathon, but others of us actually know it as the turn-around for the 2017 Davis Challenge road march.
Pic 3 shows me patiently waiting to eat breakfast. Gerald had awesome idea to eat poached eggs, bacon, bread, potatoes, and coffee about 5 min before the race start. I'm not joking, to me it was a brilliant idea. I mentioned to her that I ran my first marathon 20 yrs ago in Olympia. Also, that OLY is a small city, in the middle of somewhere. The Puget Sound speaks for itself.
Pic #4 below shows proof we finished. About 3 hrs, I was ensuring that my volleyball injury did not flare up, which flared earlier in the week. I guess if you go slow enough, it'll be ok. Also, no sugar crash either. Good to know.

 Overall, one of my favorite runs of all time! Why? Just got to hang-out with Gerald, enjoy the best day of the year weather-wise, and grilled up some halibut. First time eating outside, and great dessert. Headed to the office for some overtime, back now, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Didn't know I could balance it all so well, but that's exactly what's happening these days. One last note, Pantene conditioner really works for my head with pool water, and if I am lacking anything in life, or rather if I could enhance my life at the moment, on today's run, I figured I'd like to get a fern and I probably need to buy a comb.

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  1. Got lots of combs/ brushes. What a beautiful day and fun run. 20 year anniversary of marathons, amazing.