Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Eugene Open 2017


It's gonna be awesome!
The forecast calls for a lot of rain and pain.

And did I mention Beckerish acrobatic tricks and Johnny Mac type of whining?

I've done a lot of non-training for this event with plenty of beer,cigs,weed,pretzels and pizza.

All in the hopes of setting a baseline for my competiveness against others. Especially ones who are Korean and non-neurosurgeons.

Bring your gameface because you're gonna be so physically exhausted to-the-point that you're gonna walk the marathon!

If there's a God I'll be taking the the picture of you guys crossing the finish line.

If not, It'S STiLL GOnnA HURT....

If anyone has a bluetooth speaker bring it so we can listen to music while we play.

...And maybe a Corona and some water because the water situation sucks at all of the tennis courts in Eugene for some reason....

1 comment:

  1. I'll bring the speaker. No neurosurgeons allowed at the Eugene Open. Or training.