Monday, May 15, 2017

When I come back like Jordan,Wearing the 4-5. It ain't to play games with you.

So a little late - but I was given the responsibility of putting together a little something for the something (somewhat) annual recurrence of the /Oprah Voice? EUGENE OPEEEEN!

First I got to introduce my daughter to body Modification. That will turn out well for me no doubt...
Actually I guess that was second. First I tried to go to packet pickup the previous day, but I went to a location where they used to do it years ago. Because I am old. So anyway there we were on a lovely saturday morning getting temporary tattoos and picking up a very expensive T-Shirt for Elmer.

Tennis was played. First mixed doubles. You'll have to ask Elmer and Jay how they determined who would get to be the big spoon and who would get to be the little spoon that evening, but they won the match against Rizzer and myself. We headed out for dinner fixins while they Elmer and Jay played a grudge match for the trophy. Jay was so close to winning before Elmer's epic comeback. Very Conners and McEnroe-esque, just with less natural talent, or effort

Wow, look at all the flat feet in those photos. Just like the pros play!

After much asada, y amigos, y mas that evening it was determined that while Elmer would be taking home the trophy, he paid a price for it. Straining his manhood. He chose to bow out of the half marathon and serve as Jay's chauffeur. They left at zero dark oh my god thirty to set up to photograph the race.
My original plan had called for a walk/run strategy. Without Elmer to talk to though it was time for Plan B. I ran with Rizzer. It went well considering the most consecutive miles I've run in over a year before the race was probably 6. It should be noted that Rizzer ran twice as far as I did and probably complained about it half as much. That said I highly recommend running around your home town on a nice day catching up with old friends.
Hot coffee and a jacket later and we were in the stands waiting for Rizzer's jaunt across the finish line. Shout out to the grandkids that almost dropped 89 year old grandma in the final 20 yards before the half marathon finish line. Reverse shoutout to everyone in the stands who didn't cheer along with me when one of the finishers home town of Weed was announced. Oh and a definite shoutout to the shirtless dude who set himself up along the race course with a guitar and an amp and a desire to just fucking play around with distortion. I'll see you at the crossroads bro.
When the hunter becomes the hunted....

A nice lunch at Bier Stein and it was on the road for the northern contingent and off about my day of limping up and down stairs. Time to start training for the full marathon next year....maybe...

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  1. Nice negative split Ventoux! Or should I say Pablo-Solo. The full for all you boys next time. Dare you to run as Gerald next time