Sunday, October 8, 2017

Oct Grapefruit

Yup, that's Yelm. Roundtrip, it's 55.5 miles from my apt. in Oly. It's the farthest bike ride I've done in a while, but more importantly it's my Oct. grapefruit...

Yesterday, had awesome sushi, made some fresh rolls, watched some Italian cooking shows, and an America's Test Kitchen episode about stews, and then made Gerald watch Silverado. Gonna make First Class watch it too, next time we meet-up...

Then this morning enjoyed the usual Bread Peddler, and then off on the bike. Gorgeous weather. All in all, Bill Gates didn't have a better weekend. Also, as a bonus, I got a Delfino's pizza too!

1 comment:

  1. What a perfect weekend! Big breakfast (bread peddled makes me reconsider bloody eggs it's that good) then ride in perfect weather with "cherry on top" 12% grade hill at end of 55 miles, eating Elmers homemade spring rolls while listening to sysk podcast on drive home, then having homemade ravioli while wearing a sweatshirt hoodie and watching American test kitchen, I vow to be a better person, at least for one day.