Thursday, December 27, 2018

Chris and I went to Portland last week to meet up with Davis. It was nice to hang out with old friends again. We all travel in our different orbits and I appreciate the times that those orbits collide.
I also appreciate the breakfast  buffet at the Hilton and the staff who found Chris' Wall Street Journal even though Chris only needed it to look smart during breakfast. (Or I'm guessing because I chose to sleep-in for the 10:00 breakfast.

The room was fancy and the view was spectacular.  You can see either Mt.Hood or Mt. St.Helens from the downtown Portland Hilton and if you listen close enough you can hear Nelly's hit record Country Grammar. There's more to Nelly than band-aids and extremely hot room temperatures.

Oh and the security was top notch. It had to be in order to protect the reason Davis drove down. Have a good year you nutty, crazy bike run swiggers

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